Saturday, January 28, 2012

Megan is 2!

Megan is our sweet, fun, amazing, very smart, beautiful niece!  As if you cannot already tell, we just adore her!

She is my older brother's (and Andrea's!) little girl!  She turned two how time flies.  We had a little family party for her at our house.  She had a party the day before with her Moody family, so by Sunday night she knew just what the day was all about!

It was our family (and Tom Tom) along with cousins Bob and Marilee Dunklee, and Megan's Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Sam who were all in town.  We missed Uncle David soooooo much!

Aunt Jessie (me) was in charge of the birthday supper, although she requested peas, we had a better meal of baked spaghetti!

In the weeks leading up to her birthday she kept telling her Mama she wanted a RED birthday cake!  So my Mama (Mama B) made her a red velvet cake, with Elmo and friends on it.  She thoroughly enjoyed her cake and ice cream.  And of course, no birthday in our family is complete without number cookies.  We made #2 cookies for the party, with RED sprinkles of course!  I believe we only sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candles twice!

Baby girl loved her presents, and had a blast opening them not once, not twice, but several times!

She is ALL of ours sweet sweet girl, and we're just so thankful for her sweet parents that share her with us ALL the time!  You should see her on here a lot as well!

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