Friday, June 15, 2012


I wanted to post this because there are some of the cutest pictures of Megan!
She was soo much fun at Easter this year.  I have always loved to dye Easter eggs, so having a two year old niece was a good excuse to be able to do so!

Even Granddaddy came to help! Of course he was being silly!
Uncle Luke inspecting our work! 
Easter fell after Mama's spring break, which means Megan was home with her all week.  They worked hard decorating the dining room for Easter, and making an Easter cake!

She was so proud of herself and was so excited showing everyone!
We also went to an egg hunt and the Dixie Baptist Church.  It was so much fun.  We thought she would be scared of the Easter Bunny that came to visit, but she LOVED him!  She wanted her picture taken "again and again"!

And we all made it to church together!  I'll post both just to prove everyone was there!

 And the Mitchells! Patiently waiting on Baby!
There are a ton of pictures, and I'm not good at sorting through to delete duplicates! Here you go!

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