Friday, June 15, 2012

The Final Weeks!

These are the pictures from the final weeks of my pregnancy!  Despite what EVERYONE said, this baby was not going to come early! Even one of the midwives had me thinking that Baby Mitchell would be here by Mother's Day!  Here are just a random sampling of pictures from the last two months!
Installing the car seat.  This was in early April! Yes I was all set and ready! 

May 12th.

 I felt like I was holding the sun! I didn't quite realize how this shirt looked!

Then Daddy had this idea! It turned out pretty funny!
This ended up being the day before the baby was born.  I just finished my last day of work! I decided I could not do another day! I worked on my due date!  I think Megan felt sorry for me laying on the couch, so she came to hang out with me and "Baby Baby"!

We are discussing when baby baby is going to make his/her debut!

At this point, I was not miserable, but I was very anxious and excited to meet my sweet baby!  This was the day after my last doctor's appointment which was on Tuesday the 22nd.  On the way over to my appointment, I saw a church sign that read, "God's timing is always right."  I commented to myself that while that is exactly what I needed to be reminded of, at the same time, that's not what I wanted to hear!  At my appointment, my midwife scheduled me to be induced on Friday May 25th. I called back Wednesday morning and asked for more time!  They said I would need to come in Friday to be monitored with a non stress test, but they would give me until Tuesday (they would not do any inductions on Memorial Day!)  So I knew that we would at least have a baby here in a week from the day these pictures were taken!

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